The Noble Thief

Sun's dying rays through the blinds found their way,
Dusk's fiery glow warming their embrace;
Simmering passion boiled over carefully nurtured restraint,
Paving path for desires unnamed.

She was no Queen, and he no King,
Lust was their ruler and they kneeled;
Grey souls they were, kidding themselves of chastity in acts damned,
For boundaries shattered the second their bodies entwined.

Their eyes met: his passionate, warm and brown,
Hers blazing with wantonness newfound;
His seasoned lips descended upon her tender ones,
Like Dawn kissing fresh Dew on young grass.
They gave in, they held back;
Each living a fantasy in subjective truth.

The spring back in her step, a naughty sparkle relit her broody eyes,
The Thief had stolen her fears, emboldened her to face her clandestine desires;
Robbed her of the dark, lonely void,
Unearthing warm passion that she'd long buried deep inside.

In irony they found their magic,
In intimacy they discovered solace;
They loved in stolen minutes…


A tiny speck in his gigantic world
Adoring protégé came along that girl;
A sparkle in the lion's expressive eyes
Told a tale clear as pure blue skies.

Many a word they exchanged
Forging a bond unexplained;
But destiny rolled its fateful dice
When the once warm lion turned to ice.

"I protect thee, o little one...
Your innocence overlooks aiming guns."
"Noble sire, jungle laws proclaim I should fear thee,
But my undiluted intentions set me free."

Torn between head and heart
Lion and Lamb now stay far apart;
His inhibitions are not unwarranted
For mighty hunters often get hunted.


A heart sheltered by a house of cards
Bittered, shattered, broken into shards;
Lashing words, she rants uncontrolled
For all those tales that remain untold.

Shameful, her endless unanswered rings
She buries her lament in yet another drink;
She knows not where the painful road ends
All she asks for the journey is a friend. 

Lonely tears flood her structured dam
When she realizes "life's great!" is but a sham;
Crumpled, withered, clueless where to start
She lies fallen, completely fallen apart.

Sky is not the Limit...

“We are flying at 10,000 feet… ascending to 11,000 feet… 13,000 feet… 15,000 feet. Open the door guys we’re in the drop zone now.” The pilot's voice cut through the electric environment of the tiny airplane.

“Are you nervous?” my instructor gently inquired as he double-checked the straps that had me fastened to his jumpsuit.
“Not at all!” I grinned like a daredevil.
As the door of the aircraft was opened, he repeated the instructions on how to stabilize myself against air resistance. We walked towards the doorway with me in front. It was noisy and windy. Feet on the step, facing the prop blast, I got a bird’s eye view of the crystal clear waters of the Bay and the map-like terrain below, before I strapped the protective frame onto my eyes.
“Ready?” screamed Brandon into my ears, against the blasting wind.
“YES!! Since forever!” I screamed out into the open nothingness.
Our feet left the secure floor of the aircraft as we leapt into the gaping expanse, at the mercy of gravity.…

Whose Fault is It?

The impact numbed my brain. For a few seconds, I couldn’t move. Impatient office-goers were furiously honking behind me, as I mindlessly yelled out of my now open window at the motorcyclist, who had braked suddenly, making me abruptly slow down.
A tentative glance at the rearview mirror showed me a brown Maruti Ritz that had rammed into my spanking new Honda Jazz. The motorcyclist escaped unscathed, thanks to my effective reflexes. Alas! The driver behind me wasn’t as sharp. I needed to get out to view the damage. But, the makeshift road “diversion” allowed cars to come head on, the other side of the road completely cordoned off for the infrastructural enhancement underway. Meanwhile, the traffic behind was building up.
As I gathered my scattered wits, and tried to pull over to the side, the gentleman who had banged my car seized the opportunity to sidestep and drove off! Wait a minute… I ain’t done yet, I silently screamed; but it was too late!
Temper soaring and abuses surging,…

Responding to Restlessness

A familiar sense of ennui settled like a blanket over my heavy heart as I pulled into the parking lot. The work blues were easing their way in again, smirking at having found a ready victim in my already downcast state of mind. A cold gust of wind sent a shiver through me and the bleak sunshine delivered but little warmth to pull me out of the doldrums.
The now mundane routine ostensibly assumed a life of its own as my mind wandered beyond the robotic regime. The "beep" of my i-card against the reader marked my entry, making me feel rather like a component in an assembly line. The "ping" of the elevator was a momentary distraction in my languorous reverie as my feet mechanically found their way in.
Meanwhile, my eyes assimilated a fading i-card hanging off the belt of a tall gentleman; its barely visible employee id signifying that its owner had easily served more than a decade at the company. The intelligent sharp eyes of the wearer were fitted with a pair of rimle…

The Destined Dream

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” This all too famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson has been so callously exploited over time, that it is now almost a cliché. My intention here is not to dwell on the philosophies that have been handed down over the ages; I’m just trying to connect a few dots that occurred at various points in time and in retrospect, turned out to be a journey that I now believe was destined. The journey that I unknowingly embarked upon in my childhood culminated in a destination that I never thought was reachable, primarily because I was oblivious of the journey itself. But was this the destination? Or was it the start of a new journey?
The Ignition: St. Mary’s School, Class 7- the first Spelling Bee Competition held in our school and one of my first attempts at pushing a team I led over to the victory line. I had managed to spell correctly all but one word, shot out to me by the host, Mrs. Ritu Nathani, to help my team bag the 1st spot in the competition.
A few …